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Double Diapering


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Cathease: Redefining Care with Innovative Ingenuity

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Features You'll Love, Functionality You Can Trust




Infection Prevention

Liquid & Solid

"Comfortable Coverage, Reliable Protection"

Discover Cathease!


Specialized diapers and training pants, each featuring the our revolutionary catheter flap and transverse divider for optimal comfort and hygiene.

The diapers provide full coverage and protection, ideal for those needing extra care, while the training pants offer a more discreet and mobile-friendly option with resealable sides for easy changes. Both products ensure convenience for patients and caregivers alike.



"Advanced Catheter Management,


Our innovative catheter flap design prevents leaks and skin irritation, providing comfort for wearers of all ages, from delicate infants in neonatal care to adults. The catheter flap's absorbent core contains urine, making it easier to change catheters and reducing discomfort or injury.


Caregivers can confidently manage catheter insertion and maintenance, prioritizing both contamination and infection prevention. Experience the efficiency and ease of Cathease for better care and peace of mind.


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Elasticized Divider 

Cathease diapers and training pants incorporate the innovative transverse divider, a feature originally developed for the Harlows line. By effectively separating urine and stool, this feature helps prevent the mixing of these waste materials, which can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin infections, and other complications.


The division also helps maintain a cleaner and drier environment around the catheter or suprapubic tube insertion point, further decreasing the likelihood of infections. Overall, Cathease's focus on infection prevention contributes to better health outcomes and improved quality of life for individuals requiring catheter care.

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How it Works


Insert Catheter

Place the catheter through the hole in the front.


Close Elastic Ears

Secure the flap with the elastic ears on the sides for a snug fit.


Secure Flap

Close the front flap to seal the catheter away from the body.


You're Done!

Your Cathease diaper or training pants are now securely in place, providing comfort and protection.

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