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One step closer to bringing the world The Diaper for every need

We just returned from a trip to Curt G. Joa, Inc. to determine manufacturing feasibility.  Joa welcomed us warmly at its Sheboygan Falls, WI headquarters.  We met with the Corporate Director of Global Marketing as well as Platform Managers and engineers.  This very productive two-day visit included in-depth discussions about market overview, DiviDiaper's manufacturing and distribution goals, a tour of Joa's manufacturing plant, and machine demonstrations. Our discussions also explored our options from outfitting the existing equipment of current manufacturers with whom may contract, to a "from scratch" factory build owned and operated by DiviDiaper. Oh, we almost forgot about our detour to the Gibbsville Cheese Company!   Seriously though, the visit really reinforced our vision that DiviDiaper can be manufactured efficiently and effectively for a large market.    In the words of Joa, DiviDiaper is "a good market solution that is manufacturable".  

Go DiviDiaper!

One step closer to bringing the world the diaper for every need, we remain humbly,

Curt G. Joa, Inc.- Dividiaper

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