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Our Story

When our youngest son needed a series of urological surgeries from ages one through three, we were faced with many serious concerns about recovery, dangers, side effects, infections, successful outcomes and the like.  We never imagined that our single biggest challenge would be diapering.  Post-surgical diapering was a rudimentary process that entailed cutting a hole in one diaper for a catheter tube and then layering another diaper over that.  This resulted in the diaper "guts" spilling out.  Because of the absorbent filling spillage, bulkiness, and one diaper unfastening against the other, this process often failed at its main purpose - the prevention of infection.


   Necessity being the mother - and father - of invention, we set out to design a better diaper, and DiviDiaper™ was born.  After presenting a prototype to our son's surgeon, renowned pediatric urologist Dr. Dix Poppas, he instructed his staff to use DiviDiaper™ prototypes on our son instead of their usual brand.   He said "[it's j]ust a better diaper to keep stool from extending to urinary and reproductive tracts [and] makes good sense."  Soon after, Carlos Richer, leading diaper expert and consultant of over 35 years, inspired us to make adult prototypes.  Health care providers in the adult/geriatric industry - including a leading Associate of the Continuing Care Leadership Coalition - have opined that DiviDiaper™ would be revolutionary in reducing rashes, potentially fatal infections in incontinent and cathetered adults, and even provide ancillary relief for bed sores.


   Since DiviDiaper's™ introduction at Hygienix 2017, we've won and been nominated for leading industry awards and been featured on Fox 5 NY News.  More importantly, however, we've learned that our product can improve lives from infants with normal diaper needs, to children and adults with complex urological/gynecological/gastroenterological issues to those with age-related incontinence.

DiviDiaper™ is the diaper for every need.

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