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By DiviDiaper.

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By DiviDiaper.

By DiviDiaper.

Child Care 

Adult Care

Patient Care

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Where Care & Comfort meet Innovation 

Liquid & Solid

Key Features



Infection Prevention

Did You Know 

Combining fecal matter and urine, can lead to various health risks if not changed promptly or with poor hygiene.

• 50% to 75% of U.S. infants, and as many as 35% of all infants have chronic diaper rash1
• 25% of incontinent adults in nursing homes and similar facilities suffer from
incontinence-associated dermatitis (adult diaper rash) 
• 15-25% of hospitalized patients receive urinary catheters during their hospital stay and

75% of urinary tract infections in hospitals are suffered by those with catheters or super-
pubic tube (Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection)

• “Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are a major source of nosocomial
infections and represent a significant burden in morbidity and costs.

Hygiene Matters:

Avoiding the Mix for Healthy Diapers!

  • Skin irritation and diaper rash: The combination of feces and urine can create an environment that is irritating to the baby's delicate skin. Prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to diaper rash, which causes redness, irritation, and discomfort for the baby.

  • Ammonia release: As mentioned earlier, the combination of urine and feces can lead to the release of ammonia. The ammonia smell can be strong and unpleasant, and it can also contribute to skin irritation.

  • Bacterial growth: Fecal matter contains various bacteria, some of which can be harmful. When mixed with urine, it provides an environment that promotes bacterial growth, potentially leading to infections or skin problems.

  • Health hazards: If the diaper is not changed promptly and hygiene is not maintained, it can lead to a higher risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other health issues.

  • Unpleasant odor: The combination of feces and urine produces a strong and foul odor, which can be unpleasant for both the baby and those caring for them.

Baby Crawling

Crafted with Love for
Families that Care

Why Harlows 

  • Enhanced Hygiene: Prevents the mixing of feces and urine, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting better hygiene.

  • Reduced Odor: Minimizes unpleasant odors associated with the combination of feces and urine.

  • Easier Diaper Changes: Simplifies clean-up procedures for caregivers, making diaper changes more efficient and hygienic.

  • Skin Protection: Helps maintain the integrity of the wearer's skin, reducing the risk of rashes and discomfort.

  • Improved Absorbency: Allows for better absorption and retention of liquids, ensuring maximum dryness and minimizing leaks.

  • Enhanced Hygiene: Prevents the mixing of feces and urine, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting better hygiene.

  • Reduced Odor: Minimizes unpleasant odors associated with the combination of feces and urine.

  • Easier Diaper Changes: Simplifies clean-up procedures for caregivers, making diaper changes more effIcient and hygienic.


Lets Build a Better Diaper

Say goodbye to unwanted mess and hello to a cleaner and healthier diapering experience.


Separation of Pee & Poo


Optional Catheter Flap

  • Securely holds the medical device in place for optimal comfort and safety


  • Promotes better hygiene by preventing direct contact between the device and the skin

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The optional-use catheter HOLE and FLAP permit safe and effective separation of a catheter tube or super pubic tube from the perineal/anus area to effectively reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections (“CAUTIs”) and contamination of the catheter.


First of its Kind

Father and Son

Child Care 

With this advanced diaper, babies can enjoy unparalleled comfort. The innovative divider acts as a protective barrier, preventing the mixing of urine and feces, which are known to cause skin irritation and discomfort. By keeping these two elements separate, the diaper creates an environment that is not only gentle on delicate baby skin but also promotes better airflow, further enhancing comfort and reducing the chances of developing diaper rash.

But the benefts of this exceptional diaper don't stop there. For parents, it brings an unmatched peace of mind, knowing that their little one is protected from diaper rash, one of the most common and distressing concerns of early parenthood. No longer will they have to worry about the discomfort, pain, and fussiness that often accompany diaper rash. Instead, they can focus on creating memorable moments and nurturing their baby's well-being.

Adult Care

Adult Care

Indeed, the remarkable design of our diaper is not limited to children alone. Recognizing the need for enhanced comfort, hygiene and convenience in adult care, our innovative diaper design extends its benefits to adults as well. Adults with even the mildest types of incontinence - such as."Stress Incontinence" associated with age, childbirth, etc.- are at risk for rashes/ incontinence -associated dermatitis("IAD") related to the user of adult diapers and incontinence products. 

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

Adult Incontinence

DiviDiaper’s™ design reduces/eliminates IAD, giving adults a higher quality of life and less disruption of lifestyle.  As the elderly population rises, and more and more elderly enjoy active lifestyles, the reduction of IAD in effective incontinence-wear is a primary need.  


Similarly, mothers of advanced maternal age (“AMA”) may also be at risk for stress incontinence and related IAD.  With a growing population of AMA mothers with stress incontinence, DiviDiaper™ can support effective protection and comfort as they care for active young children.

Adult Care Dividiaper_edited.jpg
Patient Care

Patient Care

For people with incontinence related to illness and chronic
health conditions, rashes, IAD, UTI, bedsores and related infections can be more than just discomfort and inconvenience. They can have permanent - and
sometimes fatal - effects.

DiviDiaper can prevent reduce risk of, help to keep surgical sites from being contaminated with stool and more benefits.

Patient Care Dividiaper

Award Winner & Nominee 

RISE innovation logo.jpg
Divia Diaper.png

DiviDiaper won INDA’s 2018 RISE Innovation Award, competing against Freudenberg Group and Suominen. This innovative product, which was initially presented at Carlos Richer’s Absorbent Hygiene New Trends workshop in November 2017 and featured on FOX 5 News in 2018, has been recognized by doctors and nurses as, not only being infection-reducing to the AI and infant populations, but also as potentially life-saving in cases where diaper- and catheter-associated infections resulted in fatal sepsis (not to mention having short- and long-term cost benefits). According to Dr. Poppas, “It should be used by all [needing diapers because] it’s just a better diaper [that] makes good sense.” (July 2017).


By DiviDiaper.

By DiviDiaper.

By DiviDiaper.

By DiviDiaper.

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