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Adults with even the mildest types of incontinence – such as “stress incontinence” associated with age, childbirth, etc. – are at risk for rashes/incontinence-associated dermatitis (“IAD”) related to the use of adult diapers and incontinence products.     


 DiviDiaper’s™ design reduces/eliminates IAD, giving adults a higher quality of life and less disruption of lifestyle.  As the elderly population rises, and more and more elderly enjoy active lifestyles, the reduction of IAD in effective incontinence-wear is a primary need.  Similarly, mothers of advanced maternal age (“AMA”) may also be at risk for stress incontinence and related IAD.  With a growing population of AMA mothers with stress incontinence, DiviDiaper™ can support effective protection and comfort as they care for active young children.

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